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Villa Sassella, Compignano, Tuscany - The Echo Meadow

Named when we discovered this phenomenon whilst planting the bank - hence the installation of a small terrace a third of the way up the side where the echo is at it's best.  It is reached from the Rest n View Terrace above, the Olive Grove below or the Strada to it's side.

The bank has been planted using the Dutch/North European herbaceous border technique. The only maintenance to this area being carried out during early Spring, although an eye is cast over it occasionally in the Autumn.



Left:  May 2003





Below: 2004

Below:  September 1996

There is no direct watering during summer, the plants relying solely on any run-off from the Bossolo Garden above and their stored resources.

In the shaded area nearest the road a small collection of Camellias thrive.

A special mix of wild flower meadow seed was made up for us to supplement the naturally occuring flora. 

Wild mint and marjoram are found at the meadow edge.

Left:  May 2003