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Kit and Chrissy

London - Winter 2000/1


A small garden near Parsons Green, Fulham.  Clients requirements:  Lawn. Compost maker. Year round interest.  Used as an extension of the home.  “Please try to retain the large Camellia” and “I don’t want it to look like something out of a Sunday supplement”

Indian hard sandstone flags surround an emerald lawn.



Left hand garden wall softened from its original dark red brick using a paint effect.




approx 38M˛

Sinuously curving rendered wall with a subtle graduated paint effect encloses the  beds to top and left.  An oak seat is held in the centre of the top curve with the millstone behind it.

Rear wall of house painted to bring colour of dining room through into the garden.


Beehive compost maker

Raised up behind the custom made oak seat set into the wall in the top left-hand corner of the garden, there is an Indian millstone which has water gently running up through the middle and overflowing onto the marble mosaic surround.

The seat sits two comfortably and the wall height behind has been set to perfect chair-back height.  The millstone doubles as a small table for two glasses and a bottle of Chablis which can be kept cold using ice cubes piled up on the top surface.


The stone is lit from below for a subtle glow

iGuzzini Iris Full Screen exterior lights to the rear of the house have an aluminium outer frame and internally painted glass diffuser.


The garden now invites you in, the walls welcoming with open arms.


These days it’s a good place to be and is truly a part of the house, being used day and night.



A stone platform has been laid onto the earth front left of the tree - Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ which sits in the top right hand corner - ready for when we find the right piece of sculpture.


Ah yes … the planting … well that’s going to have to wait for a very rainy day.  I’ll put a list here at a later date … but it is something really special!


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